International Standards

KST brake hose meets these international standards.

SAE J1401, FMVSS 106 DOT, ISO 3996, GB16897-2010, JIS D2601-2006, FR31302-1973, ADR 7, NTC 977, TL-VW 82152, MS-EA70, ESA-M96D4-A, GM6403M.

Hose Sizes

Excellent Feature

Low Expansion. Improve brake caliper reaction time, reduce stopping distance, increase pedal feel.Worldwide Quality Tracking. ORANGE-ORANGE-BROWN tracking yarns inside. Scientific and Reasonable Structure. EPDM+PVA+EPDM+PET+EPDM five layers.

●    First layer EPDM Outer Cover

Good flexibility, resistant to abrasion, Excellent ozone and UV resistance, Very good on high and low temperature resistance, High corrosion resistance and superior weather resistance.

●    Second layer PVA Outer braid

Provide strong bond to outer cover and interleaf. Good flexibility, flex resistance Stable in chemical, ensure hose long life. The excellent and comprehensive performance ensure all the very good test results.

●    Third layer EPDM Middle Interleaf

The interleaf prevents abrasion between the two braided layers. Very good abrasion resistance. And increases resistance to water permeability.

●    Fourth layer Plyester (PET) Inner braid

Provide a strong bond between the inner rubber and interleaf, The bonding of all 5 layers results in a very low volumetric expansion, Ensuring a positive and responsive feel when braking.

●    Fifth layer EPDM Inner Tube

High performance in high and low temperature resistance range -50° C to 121°C, Suitable for all brake fluids DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 LV, DOT 5.1. etc.

Excellent resistance to non-petroleum based brake fluids as defined by SAE J1703 and SAE J1705.


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